Best free Weebly Apps 2018 to Boost Website

Best free Weebly Apps 2018

While Weebly makes it so quick and easy to create an online store, extra functionalities are somewhat limited, Here are the Best free Weebly Apps 2018 such as coupon giveaways, upsell and cross-sell offers, or personalized product recommendations,… By adding Weebly apps, you can extend all those functionalities in just a few clicks and then quickly grow your store – even on a tight budget.

1. Sales Pop (free)

What Sales Pop is Live sales notifications. It is also one of the Best free Weebly Apps.

Why you should use Sales Pop

With small online stores, the big disadvantage is: it’s hard for your brand to build trust and credibility with shoppers since you’re just starting out. The solution here is providing social proofs to enhance the store’s authenticity and strengthen shoppers’ confidence to buy. It is also a Best free Weebly Apps.

What Sales Pop offers

-Automatically sync orders from your store to generate real-time pop-up notifications.

-Create many custom notifications as you want, with the product and customer information of your choice!

-One-click installation. No coding required.

2. Stats & Marketing

Stats & Marketing by SiteWit is an automated solution for paid search marketing that gets your site found by potential customers. The app will automatically give you some insights about your traffic after few hours of analyzing your site’s data. More than that, the app also helps build and customize your paid search campaigns in 4 easy steps, with budget starting from $50/month. it is also a user-friendly and Best free Weebly Apps.

-What Stats & Marketing offers Show up on search engines and get found online by customers searching for your products and services.

-Focus on growing your business while the app fully automates your paid search campaigns.

-Get insights about your visitors with the website analytics feature

3. Boost Sales

Boost Sales is Smart upsell & cross-sell app to increase order value. Upsell and cross-sell tactics are being widely used by big retailers like Amazon and Walmart as the must-have elements on their e-commerce site. Good news is: small business owners now can embrace this idea to their online stores with Boost Sales app. The concept is simple: When customers add an item to cart, a pop up will show up to suggest them other items that can alternate or complement with items they choose. Boost sales is one of the Best free Weebly Apps,

-Boost Sales offers Upsell & Cross sell offers encourage customers to add higher-valued items or purchase bundles to increase sales from any customers.

-Automated smart recommendation to suggest products customers most likely want to buy.

-Last step up-sell offers on cart page to convert even more sales from paying customers.

4. Testimonial Slider

More than 63% of customers are more likely to purchase from a website with customer testimonials. This is exactly why your business website needs testimonials, it is a simple math. Similar to Sales Pop, this app tackles brand trust and authenticity problem with small online stores, but using customer’s testimonials. It lets you add testimonials and reviews to your site,

What Testimonial Slider offers

-7 design templates to create a stunning look for your testimonials

-Customize settings to match your website design

-Use responsive displays that look great on all devices

5. Checkout Boost

85% of small businesses get customers through social word-of-mouth. Leveraging this fact, Checkout Boost app helps you utilize the power of social network’s referrals by offering customers incentives if they share their carts on Facebook or Twitter.

Checkout Boost offers

-5 types of offer you can create: Free gift / Free shipping / Discount offers to promote social network sharing

-Countdown Timer offers to create urgency

-Exit-intent offers to prevent cart abandonment BOGO offers that actually convert

6. MailBot

An automated email marketing system. If you want to build strong customer relationships, it’s important to have an effective tool to communicate with shoppers who matter most to your online store. Email marketing gives you the ability to keep shoppers engaged with you during anytime of the year. MailBot is also a Best free Weebly Apps.

MailBot offers

-Automate newsletter drafting & scheduling for you

-Advanced customer segmentation so the app can send tailored contents to each group of customers.

-Personalized follow-up emails with 8 pre-built campaigns for you to choose

7. Easy Contact Form

Customizable contact form. Being reachable is critical when you’re trying to connect with your potential customers. When there’s no way to reach you, there’s no way to get support when they need your help — which leaves needs unspoken, and ultimately money on the table. Contact form is not only the key solution but also one of the must-have elements on each e-commerce site.

Easy Contact Form offers

-Responsive and customizable contact form

-Customize templates for customer reviews and feedback

-No coding needed. Fully customizable.


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