Best website for Software Download

Top 8 Best website for Software Download

Here are the list of 8 Best website for Software Download. Here are endless pirated software download sites on the internet to download premium software wrongfully. In like manner, prominent torrent sites offer broke renditions of paid software for free. Aside from being illicit, such exercises put you at the danger of notorious malware and viruses.

1. SharewareOnSale

SharewareOnSale is one of the best free software download sites and provides multiple paid software for free every day. The site not only provides premium software for free but also offers discounts on software. Paid programs are available for free for both Windows PC and Mac. SharewareOnSale is a nice and one of the Best website for Software Download.

They also host Android and iOS apps for free or at discounted prices. At the time of publishing this post, itransGo is being offered for free on this site. On the product giveaway page, there is a big list of free software for you to download and try.

2. GiveAwayOfTheDay

GiveAwayOfTheDay have been providing paid software for free to its users for more than 5 years. They offer one or two software every day. Software that are offered here are available for download for a period of 24 hours and are absolutely free for that time, i.e., the version of the software offered is not a trial version but a registered full version. This website can turn out to be useful when you need a particular software but you don’t wish to spend a lot on it.

The website also provides reviews of the software they offer and other software from that publisher. Subscribers get notified of giveaways in their newsletter. They also offer Andriod and iOS apps for free. GiveAwayOfTheDay is good, one of the Best website for Software Download and also legal.

3. Giveaway Radar

Giveaway Radar is your go-to site if you are looking for software giveaways. Here you can find software from various safe download sites and from different providers, all in one place. However, they do not cover anti-virus and VPN giveaways.

So, Giveaway Radar is not a free software giveaway site in itself but shows links and descriptions to giveaways throughout the web. Keep it bookmarked as it gives you a quick view of all the on-going giveaways on various free software download sites. The website also has a category of long-term giveaways that you can check out. It is also nice and Best website for Software Download.

4. Giveaway-club

Giveaway-club is another popular free software site that offers licensed Windows software for free but without technical support. Softwares are offered free only for a limited time for a day or two. You can activate the license of the software only if it’s installed on the correct date. All the software are divided into three categories: Windows, Games, and Mac. Depending upon your need, you can choose the options and grab the software of your need.

5. TopWareSale

TopWareSale offers software giveaway and discounts daily. You can buy top-rated programs at the lowest prices, and they even provide premium software for free. Software are available both for Windows and Mac OS. These software cover different categories like multimedia, design, antivirus, internet, office, business, etc. Apart from the daily free giveaway, you can also check out other heavily discounted tools. TopWareSale is good website and also included in list of Best website for Software Download.

6. Tickcoupon Giveaway

Its giveaway section is categorized into Security, Utilities, Audio/video/photo, Backup & Recovery, Servers, and development so that you can easily browse it. Apart from Windows and mobile, they also have a “Giveaway for Mac” section.

Tickcoupon provides coupon codes that offer discounts for programs and giveaway deals. This giveaway website also publishes news from software developers regarding promos and deals on software.

7. Techno360

Techno360 offers paid programs for free. It is among the safe download sites that offers software for Windows and Mac. They usually provide a single-user license for up to a year for the software.

8. TechTipLib

TechTipLib also provides paid programs for free, and their giveaway can last from days to a month. But to avail their offers, you have to like TechTipLib’s social accounts. It is not only a free software download site but also has over 6,700 articles on topics such as Windows, Apple, iPhone, iPad, MS Office, freeware, SEO, WordPress themes, ebooks and much more.

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